University Strategy 2018-2023: Enabling Strategies

People Strategy Team
Monday 30 March 2020

The enabling strategies provide a critical link between our overarching strategic ambitions and their delivery. Five enabling strategies have been identified in the University Strategy 2018-2023:  People, Digital, Estate, Accommodation, and Finance.

The importance of our people and community is key, followed by the opportunities for innovation and productivity presented by digital transformation. Considering our people and new ways of working helps to focus the scope of transformational opportunities for the estate and student accommodation. Underpinning all of these enabling strategies is finance.

These enabling strategies are themselves ambitious, both in terms of objectives and associated culture change, and their scope is broader than that of individual Professional Service Units or Schools. They provide a direction of travel that is longer term and will require time to realise. They are also mutually reinforcing. As we develop specific actions and implement, we will ensure that where relevant the order of steps we take is coordinated across the enabling strategies.

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